Who Else Wants To Double Their Commissions And Attract A Constant Flow Of Ready-To-Buy Clients?

Discover How You Can Access The Almost Untapped Market Previously Reserved For Only The Most Elite Real Estate Agents!

Why become an investor agent

Dear fellow real estate agent,

If you’re looking for a clear and proven way to double your commissions… and get swamped by ready-to-buy clients…

Then this message will show you how a select few smart and “in-the-know” real estate agents are doing it.

Here’s how:

There’s an exclusive club of real estate clients that account for 30% of all home sales in the United States… yet only 10% of all real estate agents even work with them…

And, they are real estate investors!

Now, here’s how investor-friendly agents are doubling their commissions:

Because just one fourplex deal can earn double what a single-family home commission does… Plus, investor clients are easier to deal with than residential buyers. 

That’s because they already know what they want, can come up with the funds for almost any deal quickly… and, there’s less competition on most investment properties.  

And, best of all:

There’s no emotion involved in the process, no showings or open houses… and some deals can even be done from the comfort of your home.

Plus, when you find a great investor to work with… you can almost guarantee they’ll buy more than one property. 

That’s because:

While the average residential home buyer only buys a new home every 13 years… the average full-time investor buys about 20 units in the same period.

Which means, less time looking for more clients, and more time doing what you do best…


Finding the best property for your clients’ needs.

But, here’s the problem:

The reason why most real estate agents don’t work with investors is because they don’t know where to find them… or how to talk to them. And, missing out on the most lucrative deals the market offers. 

In fact, most investors won’t even work with real estate agents who don’t already “speak their language”. Plus, they want to feel like they have a partner they can rely on, and trust.

One who understands their needs as an investor.

Now, maybe you’ve already tried working with investors before… only to feel left out. Or, even felt the sting of losing a potential multi-property investor to another agent.

One who already knows how to speak their language. 

But, here’s the thing:

This isn’t your fault!

That’s because unless you discover how to navigate and communicate effectively with the investor community… you will continue to struggle to attract ready-to-buy investor clients. And, be stuck dealing with emotional residential buyers forever.

Which is why I created this course designed for real estate agents… just like you.

So you can finally understand and use investment terminology, navigate complex financing options with ease… and develop strategies that align with investor needs and goals.

Allowing you to become The Go-To Agent for investment opportunities. 

Now, before I show you what’s in store for you inside, let me introduce myself…

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Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Brie Schmidt.

A real estate visionary with over a decade of expertise. And, I’ve made it my mission to bridge the gap between real estate agents and the investment community.

You see:

In just ten years I went from getting my first single-unit rental property… to building a 100-unit real estate empire.

And since then I’ve founded Second City Real Estate… launched the Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit… appeared on over 50 real estate investing podcasts… 

And, even gave several keynote speeches at national real estate conferences.

Which allowed me to become the go-to source in the real estate investment community. Where I connect real estate agents and investors…

So they can tap into a market ripe with potential together.

That’s because:

I’ve worked with both real estate agents and investors. And, I know firsthand how the two worlds intersect… plus, what makes them work well together.

Now, why my methods work so well is because it’s rooted in deep market understanding. And, built upon a unique way of creating a robust network of investor clients.

Plus, a unique way to magnetically attract ready-to-buy investor clients…

Which means:

You’ll never have to worry about searching for your next client… feel like you’re on call all the time… or deal with emotional buyers ever again!

So, if you’re ready to transform your real estate career, double your commissions, and attract ready-to-buy clients… Then, click the link below right now!

Why Choose Us

Imagine waking up every morning, and not worrying about where your next client is coming from. Where clients chase you… you’re seen as the go-to expert… and, where your calendar is jam-packed with appointments. The truth is, when you’re an in-demand investor agent… this is your reality. No more wasted weekends, missing life’s important moments, aimless networking… and dealing with emotional buyers who look for every reason not to buy. Just you, closing deal after deal, with investors who trust your expertise… and rely on you as a trusted partner. And, when you make the right choice to become an investor client today, you’ll be able to enjoy:

Course Outline

Understanding Investors

Speak the same language as a real estate investor. So you never feel lost speaking with an investor ever again!

Build Your Own Network

Discover what type of investor fits your business best. Then, master the art of engaging with these investors where they actually hang out.

Investor Client Acquisition Mastery

Become an investor client-getting magnet!

Advanced Skills

Discover the nuances of private money, seller finance, and other sophisticated financing methods. So you can structure the best deals that benefit both the buyer and the seller, for easier negotiations.

Advanced Knowledge

Discover the missing piece to creating a successful investor agent business, you won’t find anywhere else. Build your dream team of professionals, from finance experts to legal advisors. So you can ensure every aspect of your deals is optimized for success. Uncover the secrets to making sophisticated strategies work, like syndication and creative financing. 

…. Plus, extend your newfound expertise into niche markets with higher yield potential. Instantly become a valuable asset in any real estate investor business, no matter what level they’re at right now.

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